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The Idea of Fola Sasegbon Foundation was born out of the legacy and ideology of a legal icon in Nigeria Fola Sasegbon. His life’s footprint was envisioned in a justice system where her practitioners are fully committed to learning in order to be better equipped to deliver to both deliver and defend justice.


The Fola Sasegbon Foundation embodies the vision of this iconic role model in the legal practice and hence strive to bring to bear his legacy. In making this a reality we have focussed on 3 areas of need in the legal practice. First is the need to learn and research which informed the setting up of the Fola Sasegbon Memorial Library. A quite environment with over 1200 books and reading furniture where legal practitioners can read, learn and research.


The Second area of need that the Fola Sasegbon Foundation seeks to address is  the need for collaboration and networking amongst legal practitioners. In doing this the Fola Sasegbon reading area is designed as mini office complex that can aid lawyers, judges and other legal practitioners both read and collaborate. The complex serves as a hub for all legal practitioners to collaborate, discuss, brainstorm and learn


The third area is a look at the next generation of lawyers and how we can best position the foundation as an Haven to mentoring. We achieve this by investing in informative newsletters, publications, journals, legal events and off course the 100% free legal library.

Library Built in Honour of Legal ICON, Fola Sasegbon

FOR an enduring legacy that befits the values that late Fola Sasegbon, legal luminary, held while he lived and practiced law for 46 years, the Sasegbons decided to build a library in honour of their beloved father, who passed away in 2007.

The library, which has in stock over 12,000 books, covers primarily, law books, and a wide collection of other books, cutting across music, literature, history, economics and many more, for the general library.

Reading Workstations
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Law Library

Fola Sasegbon Memorial Library boasts of an extensive array of legal texts, replete with case laws, judgments, periodicals and journals.

Office Facilities

The Fola Sasegbon Office facilities offers a mini office work space for legal practitioner to use temporarily for study and research purposes

Serminals and Events

In honor of an exceptional icon the Fola Sasegbon we host a couple of educative and revolutionary events to further promote his legacy

Professional Support

We continuously support young seasoned lawyers to practice to the fullest. This we do by continually providing a framework to support

Networking & Collaboration

The Fola Sasegbon Complex continually provide an avenue for networking and collaboration amongst legal practitioners

The Sasegbon Legacy

We provide an avenue for young practitioner to identify with the Fola Sasegbon legacy by learning of his biography, cases, decisions & leadership

Fola Sasegbon Foundation

Creating a Hub for Legal Professionals in Nigeria to Read, Research, Learn and Collaborate